The Return of the C0nc0rdance

Launch time!

4 comments on “The Return of the C0nc0rdance

  1. Really like this idea and can’t tell you how happy I am that you decided not to let YT win…thank you sir and be seeing you around 🙂

  2. I have another recommendation for you, there’s been an increase in sales of a device known as “Airnergy”, an apparatus that actives oxygen before you inhale it. They claim that medical doctors worldwide have taken use of this device, you can read here:

    The device supposedly work by passing water vapor through an electric spark, turning oxygen into singlet oxygen – which they say is better for you. If the video provided many people have been ‘cured’ of their ailments for breathing through it 20 minutes day. Any chemistry student will find this device dubious, and it made my mind cry and chuckle when I first read about it. There’s no research on this device (that I know of), but it could work a good example if you want to go into biochemistry, free radicals and oxidation (fat & amino acids).

    Thank you, and Great blog!

  3. Hey C0n0rdance, I love your site layout, and wordpress was an excellent choice. The forum here is going to be so much better than youtube’s. Just embed the videos here and hopefully everyone will comment away. You should try to focus on getting people to interact on the site instead of youtube.

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