Second Hand Smoke Promotes Cancer in Never-Smokers

Mirrored from my youtube channel:

5 comments on “Second Hand Smoke Promotes Cancer in Never-Smokers

  1. The real question is why, if tobacco is so bad, it isn’t classed as an addictive drug and those who do smoke assisted to quit (if they can) or “maintained” until they die. Tobacco is still subsidized — although some of the $ are spent to pay for farmers not to grow or to sell their land, it’s still subsidized. Instead, we have “how much can you get from taxes on smokers” legislation where an addiction is treated like a cash cow.

  2. I’m unsure of the wordpress setup, but if you are able to add css to your webpages, then add height to “.entry-title” of about 55px if you can. One firefox and chrome (not sure on IE as I don’t use it) the video is overlapping content and that also hides the share stuff as well. You can do this by putting “.entry-title{height:55px;}” in style tags or adjusting with js. I’m unsure how much control you have over the site. There may be other ways to do it, but just offering a suggestion.

    • hmm, I loaded the same theme and didn’t have the problem and noticed that the way your videos post are different (well, compared to a free account on wordpress). Maybe you have a plugin that is causing a change. Unsure.

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