3 comments on “Are Energy Drinks Safe?

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed your work over the past few years. Additionally, I thought you have handled the recent dust-ups within the community very well and addressed issues that actually had a chance to be resolved. Or at least, could have the possibility of an open dialog. Don’t get discouraged if you do not make any progress with PZ. It was worth a shot.

    I figured I should comment here since there is very little additional noise and you might actually see this.


      • I have been reading Pharyngula for a long time. No chance in hell I would ever step into that lion’s den of a comment section. You either agree and get drowned out by echoing comments or disagree….and well “step the toes” of some pretty angry individuals.

        On a side note, I have used your acupuncture video as a stepping stool in many discussions with my less skeptical classmates at medical school. It is an invaluable tool in my quest to make my classmates not just memorize, but think critically. I enjoy all of your videos, but I think if I ever get a chance to go to a conference you are at I owe you a couple top shelf single malts for that one alone.

        Well, back to cramming for pharmacology…

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